Monday, October 17, 2011

The Ontology of a Hungaro

Welcome back to another exciting edition of CnR Adventures. Our next episode takes us across time and space, from the ancient ruins of Athens, to the castles and cathedrals of chivalrous Hungary. It's one of our favorite parts of history =D
So here's a quick run down of things you need to know abouts Hungaros:

1) They love spicy Paprika... On Everything.

2) Mustaches are taken VERY SERIOUSLY.

3) The Hungarians are a very industrious civilization, and have invented many important things in the modern world.
Rubix Cube


4) One of their main exports is pornography.

and lastly, 5) They love their architecture!!!

Sculptures Along the Vigadó Concert Hall

This large hall, located outside of Vörösmarty square, used to be a theater, concert hall, casino and ballroom for the aristocracy of old Budapest. It hasn't been used in quite awhile, but the renovations are near completion. The rich and snotty will be back here in no time! 

St. Matthias Cathedral atop Budapest

Gothic Ramparts overlook the Danube River.

The age old ice-skating rink (outside Central Park - Budapest) has a new Sports Center.

*FUN FACT* This ice-skating facility is one of the largest open air rinks in Europe. It's incredibly unique because of its location. Just behind the camera, there is a large pond in which Hungaros can rent little row boats on beautiful sunny days. To the left, there is a true to life castle:  

Straight out of a middle-aged fantasy!

Even the sculptures are pornographic.

The Bazilika in Esztergom took ~40 years to complete.

The Központi Vásárcsarnok (or Central Great Market)

The best place to find amazing eats, at a great price. As well as all the random souvenirs that bring smiles to our families back home.  

Ahhh, the Parliament. Beautiful building, ugly politics.

Budapest is famous for its ruin bars - nightlife emerging out of the shadows of decrepit buildings.

The sunsetting beyond just one of Hungary's many churches.

The Var (or castle) atop the hills of Budapest is the recreation of what used to house the old monarchs of Hungaria.
The second largest synagogue in the world: Dohány Templom

*FUN FACT* Agi & Peter Regos got married here. 10 Years later, a baby RoLo came to be.

Christina presents....The new Museum of Modern Art!!!

W've been very fortunate enough to stay with Roland's grandmother while in Budapest. Her building was built in the beginning of the 20th century. Every apartment is a loft space; 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large kitchen, and tall ceilings. They just don't make them like they used to. In any case, because of our busy schedule, we're a little behind on a bloggies (and we're really sorry about that). We'll make up for it, promise!
That concludes the Ontology of a Hungaro. Stay tuned for more hungarific tales.

*Note* All photos were taken by CnR INC.



  1. Fact: We know ancient Hungarians were GIANTS due to the now uselessly high ceilings of old architecture. Just imagine, giant, hot, pornographic Hungarinas, everywhere.

  2. What an amazing place!!! Must put it on my destination to go to!!