Friday, September 9, 2011

How WONDERful!

Heyyyyyyyyyyoooooooooooooooo! Checking in with our faithful pretties back in the States. So, here's a quick update on CnR. The featherbed wings we attached to Roland's back were strong enough to carry us (and our luggage) all the way to Greece. It was a rough landing, but it was definitely worth the trek. Fyi, there ain't no virgins on Virgin Atlantic.... Christinaki has been a fantastic guide thus far. Drawing upon her past experiences in Athens, she's been an invaluable source of help in navigating our way through tight streets and snappy Greeks. We eventually wandered off trail and discovered a relic from the ancient world. Check it out: 

Not impressed yet? What about this work of pure, certfied perfection:

Temple of Athena atop the Acropolis

Even Drummy is getting in on the action:

Thanks to modern technologies, the Greeks are working night and day (pfffft) to rebuild their sanctuary. Filling in every missing nook and cranny, it's really shaping up to look like the original structure.... Slowly. Their estimated time of completion is .... Wait for it....

Thanks to Zeus, who has transformed into this pup, the Parthenon is now under intense supervision and protection.

While you're treking up to see this beautiful view and wonder, don't forget to catch Yanni live, in concert, at the Ancient Amphitheater.
Yanni sold out more nights than Plato and Socrates combined.

Till next time; Peace, love, and feta cheese.


The view from atop the Acropolis.

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  1. I love the video... welcome to my motherland Roland. The expression on your face is priceless.