Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nafpaktos P2 - CnR Find a Home.

The second installment of our adventure in Nafpaktos brings us closer to anything we could ever consider a home away from home. Christina's family has been gracious to let us stay at their apartment in Nafpaktos while we bask under the mediterranean sun. It was 10 days of rest, relaxation, lots of frappes, amazing food, beautiful scenary, awesome fire spinning chill sessions, and endless memories for a lifetime. We put together a short photo montage to show you some of our experiences. ***It should be said, as beautiful as the images are, they don't do the real thing justice. It is highly recommended that you drop EVERYTHING you're doing in your life and visit this lucious land... Otherwise, just open up some vacation time during the summer.

For the full-screen version, just hit "youtube" to find the source.

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  1. loving the profile pictures to the right...and the descriptions under each picture are hilarious! miss you chris!